Wellness skincare

This is where harsh products, ineffective natural alternatives and complicated skincare ends. Since 2014, founders Julius and Ruby have dedicated their time and energy to create skincare with enhanced cosmeceuticals that cater to every skin type, condition, and gender, celebrating the diversity of modern living. Enjoy quick results with a wellness philosophy that respects and works with the skin's physiology for long-lasting transformation. Inspired from Malaysia's rich biodiversity by scientifically harnessing the power of traditional Asian plants, fruits and herbs to develop high-performance skincare solutions.

Skincare simplified

Simplify and streamline your routine by eliminating the need for excessive steps. Every formulation we make has undergone rigorous testing by skin experts, ensuring it is effective and safe for you. We embrace a "less, but better" mindset, providing you with multiple benefits through fewer products while minimising waste.

With B&B Labs, you will always GET MORE -

more quality, more results, and more simplicity.

Microbiome skincare with

E-Cology Plus+

Prioritise the health of your skin's microbiome by incorporating E-Cology Plus+ (a complex of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics) to nourish and support the good bacteria that form your protective microbiome. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, promoting balance and harmony.

Come join this bacterial revolution and experience the transformation with results-oriented skincare. Say goodbye to your skin issues and embrace the freedom to be your most confident and authentic self. It's time to

#freeyourskin and unleash your full potential.