‘KNOW’ your wrinkles

Not all wrinkles are the same. Understanding the different types of wrinkles can help you target your skincare to firm things up and smooth things over for a revitalised and rejuvenated look.

Dynamic expression lines:

These wrinkles form temporarily when you make a facial expression, but they can become permanent over time. Protect your skin with SPF and use firming skincare products with peptides to minimise these lines.

Elastic wrinkles:

Small creases on the neck, upper lip, and cheeks caused by oxidative stress from sun exposure, pollution, and smoking. Reduce elastic wrinkle formation by protecting your skin with SPF and using products with antioxidant protection.

Compression wrinkles:

These wrinkles occur when sleeping on the side, giving the face a compressed look. Use plumping skincare formulas to target wrinkles and help firm the skin.


Skin sagging is a natural part of ageing due to reduced collagen and elastin. Use skincare products with peptides to promote collagen production and maintain a more well-ageing appearance.

Atrophic wrinkles:

Deep furrows between the eyes that worsen with sun exposure. Prevent and minimise atrophic wrinkles with a good wrinkle-fighting skincare routine.

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