Radiance Essential Skin Treatment

Dull, fragile skin appears fatigue and dry. Hence this skin treatment is designed using Herb-Protect Complex (7 Asian herbal plant extracts), Phyto 5 Complex consisting of 5 precious oils, Panax Ginseng for powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

It is being enhanced with an O2 Chamomile Radiance Mask that contains oxygen carriers to improve cell respiration and to dissolve, deliver and diffuse oxygen into the skin where it’s most needed. To further soothe and calm the skin,10 minutes of Oxygen Jet is administered to the skin, which has been soothed by Chamomile and Aloe Barbadensis Extract.


The skin cells are revitalized, and the skin returns to it’s healthy, radiant condition. Skin sensitivity is kept at bay. Skin appears much calmer.

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