RapidDetox Skin Treatment

Due to the rise of stressful conditions today, toxins built up in the body, and hence they are shown on the skin as dull, uneven, mottled skin tone which is a sign of fatigue! This treatment puts together the Mangosteen Brightening Detox Serum and Silver Osmotic Detox Mask, with the lymph drainage vacuum technology of Skinarkitek enabled by Skin Detox Massage Cream to further enhance the detox process. This treatment has the power to nullify the damages caused by stress, as it helps to drain off the toxins and neutralizes the abundant free radicals caused by stress.

From the first session itself, the skin tone is visibly lightened and the complexion appears brighter and the skin becomes suppler.

RapidDetox Professional Skin Program

LD Vacuum – The vacuum technology of Skinarkitek improves the lymph drainage system of the skin for more effective toxin elimination. Brings out a healthy rosy skin color tone. Helps to clarify the complexion and to brighten up the overall skin tone through improved lymph flow enabled with Skin Detox Massage Cream.
Microdermabrasion – Skin resurfacing. Eliminate dead skin cells. Speeds up metabolism. Improves blood circulation. Rapid skin tissue regeneration.

Results can be seen from the first treatment. To maintain these results, it is recommended to start with 2 to 3 treatments within one week, followed by one maintenance treatment per month. Suitable home care products are essential to sustain the results.

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