InstaNourish Skin Treatment

This treatment prevents the cross linkage of collagen that causes the skin to appear dehydrated, rough and sometimes pigmented. This treatment sloughs off the thick dead skin layer using the Microdermabrasion feature of Skinarkitek. The skin is then nourished with Advanced Durian Hydration Serum and the Gold Osmotic Nourishing Mask to give a noticeably firmer and smoother skin complexion with drastically reduced wrinkles and finelines. A skin activating massage is performed with Skin Nourishing Massage Cream.

As soon as the treatment is over, the skin feels more hydrated and comfortable. Visibly the skin regains luminosity and looks nourished all over.

InstaNourish Professional Skin Program

Microdermabrasion – Skin resurfacing. Eliminate dead skin cells. Speeds up metabolism. Improves blood circulation. Rapid skin tissue regeneration.

Mesofil – Needleless nutrition infusion. Meso-Moist Treatment Essence penetrates into the deep basal layer of the skin to feed the living cells here with better nutrients for healthy skin cell regeneration.

Oxygen Jet – Infuse concentrated oxygen into the skin to enliven cells to breathe better and thus illuminating the skin with more radiance and glow.

Results can be seen from the first treatment. To maintain these results, it is recommended to start with 2 treatments within one week, followed by one maintenance treatment per month. Suitable home care products are essential to sustain the results.

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