8D Expertise Eye Serum-Cream


Defy signs of aging with this soothing nectar that intensely nourishes the eye contours without clogging the pores. Light as a feather, this delicate emulsion simplifies your skincare routine by combining a serum with a cream, for the best of both worlds. Balancing science with nature, this unrivalled eye treatment promises to lighten dark circles, diffuse puffiness, iron out creases and crinkles, and rejuvenate fatigued-looking eyes.

Scientific Breakthrough

Harness the power of skin-perfecting Niacinamide to minimize the appearance of brown spots, scars, dullness, fine lines & wrinkles. This unique serum and cream duo also contains a potent blend of 14 bioactive herbal extracts with strong anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects, 7 prized seed oils that deeply moisturize, 3 fruit extracts that neutralize toxic free radicals, and multi-peptides that stimulate collagen so that eyes look brighter, firmer, and well-rested.

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We only make deliveries within Malaysia. For deliveries to any other country, please contact us via email.

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