SOS Discovery Kit+
SOS Discovery Kit+

An 8-piece travel-friendly size bundle suitable for inflamed or sensitive skin.

Say hello to your skin savior! This kit features a series that caters to even the most sensitive skin types (even for eczema skin) to calm and soothe your complexion in a jiffy.


With minimum purchase of RM150/cart.

What it does?

The ultimate sensitive skincare SOS Discovery Kit+ contains:


  1. To provide 3D hydration, try Micro-Molecule Gentle Cleansing Solution:

All-in-one cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses, and tones skin without rinsing.


  1. To lock and seal-in moisture, try Meso-Moist Treatment Essence:

A super hydrating and moisturising skin essence fortified with hyaluronic acid from Chinese white jelly mushroom, Malaysian bird’s nest and Japanese natto. 


  1. To reduce redness and inflammation, try Skin Radiance Elixir Serum:

A skin serum containing Asian herbal extracts and essential vegetal oils to instantly soothe and calm sensitive skin. 


  1. To pacify irritated skin, try Delicate Skin SOS Cream:

An Asian herbal preparation formulated to deeply moisturise and protect the skin from sensitivity, redness and itchiness. 


  1. To revive tired eyes, try 8D Expertise Eye Serum-Cream:

A 2-in-1 eye care with benefits of both a serum and a cream to lighten dark circles, diffuse puffiness, iron out creases and crinkles, and rejuvenate fatigued-looking eyes.


  1. To shield skin from sun damage, try Multi Protection Solar Invisible Cream:

A light, non-sticky and moisturizing UVA & UVB fighter for the skin.


  1. To calm and soothe skin, try O3 CustoMask:

A skin microbiome enhancing treatment grade sheet mask with super soft cupra that will calm and soothe the skin instantly. 


  1. To reduce skin discomfort, try O4 CustoMask:

A skin microbiome enhancing treatment grade sheet mask with algae that will re-mineralise the skin to reduce itching and tightness.


What’s it for?

This set soothes and calms down sensitive, inflamed skin with their restorative and reparative properties. Expect to see redness reduction and visible radiance restoration within just a few days of use.

How to use?

Morning & night. Saturate a cotton pad with Micro-Molecule Gentle Cleansing Solution to wipe over the face removing make-up and debris. If heavy make-up is present, a second round of wiping may be required. No rinsing off or water required. Apply Meso-Moist Treatment Essence, followed by Skin Radiance Elixir Serum and massage until they are fully absorbed into the skin. Apply 8D Expertise Eye-Serum Cream around the eye contours followed by Delicate Skin SOS Cream over the entire face evenly and gently pat for penetration. Only in the mornings, apply Multi Protection Solar Invisible Cream before heading out.

Mask once a week with either O3 CustoMask or O4 CustoMask for 10-20 minutes. Lightly tap the remaining Activated Concentrate on your face after removing the Diffusion Mask so that it gets fully absorbed.

What's included?

1x Skin Faves Pouch
See individual product page for ingredients.

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