Hygiene Series Essentials Set
Hygiene Series Essentials Set

A hygiene solution bundle to keep hands and environment clean and germ-free.

This set proves that all good things come together! Featuring an all-in-one solution to protect you and loved ones with a disinfectant spray, a pocket-sized hand sanitiser, and a germ-killing yet moisturising hand serum!


With minimum purchase of RM150/cart.

What it does?

A holistic range of hygiene care to:


1. Spray across air & surfaces with DISINFECT:

Made with WHO-approved ingredients to eliminate 99.9% of germs and kills viruses, bacteria, mould and mildew on any surfaces, hard or fabric.


2. Spray on hands to ATTACK germs:

A lightweight formula with 75% alcohol from cane sugar and a refreshing scent of 100% pure essential oils to keep hands protected and fragrant with every spray.


3. Moisturise hands with PROTECT:

Derived with natural antiseptics that are both antibacterial and antiviral to kill germs yet keeping hands moisturised and protected.

What’s it for?

This set contains a disinfectant that allows you to safeguard your home for a fresh and bacteria-free environment, along with a pair of alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitisers to protect your hands with the utmost skin-caring formulations. Whether you are looking to disinfect your space or get protection for your hands, these products are 99.9% effective sterilisation against germs, viruses and bacteria.

How to use?

What’s included?