Hydration Discovery Trio
Hydration Discovery Trio

A 3-piece starter pack to target dull or dehydrated skin.

The thirst is real! This travel-friendly trio helps to strengthen skin barrier and seals in moisture.


With minimum purchase of RM150/cart.

What it does?

Three-step routine value set to water your skin.


  1. To provide 3D hydration, try Micro-Molecule Gentle Cleansing Solution:

All-in-one cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses, and tones skin without rinsing.


  1. To lock and seal-in moisture, try Meso-Moist Treatment Essence:

A super hydrating and moisturising skin essence fortified with hyaluronic acid from Chinese white jelly mushroom, Malaysian bird’s nest and Japanese natto. 


  1. To intensely hydrate the skin, try Pomegranate Intense Hydration Cream:

A super hydrating skin moisturiser with water-break technology infused with Indian pomegranate extract to restore suppleness and reduce flaking.

What’s it for?

This set intensely nourishes and locks moisture within the skin without leaving it looking or feeling greasy. Make dry and dehydrated skin a thing of the past. So bid adieu to rough skin and say hello to a smoother mien. By hydrating the skin from within, you can also bet on achieving a younger-looking complexion in the process.

How to use?

Morning & night. Saturate a cotton pad with Micro-Molecule Gentle Cleansing Solution to wipe over the face removing make-up and debris. If heavy make-up is present, a second round of wiping may be required. No rinsing off or water required. Apply Meso-Moist Treatment Essence, followed by Pomegranate Intense Hydration Cream over the entire face evenly and gently pat for penetration.

What's included?