Limited Edition Batik Face Mask. Handmade in Malaysia.

Limited Edition Batik Face Mask. Merdeka Day Giveaway!

As all Malaysians know, 31 August and 16 September are our Merdeka and Malaysia Day. Gifting the handmade designer face mask to our customers is one way we celebrate the two important days with you this year. Our batik fabric is personally sourced and printed locally in Malaysia. Each piece is carefully cut based on the design of the batik piece and is 100% handmade by local passionate artisans, which is why no two designs are identical. Each piece of face mask is worth RM60.

• Reusable and washable 4-layers face mask
• Front layer: 100% cotton Malaysian batik
• Inner layers: 2 layers non-woven fabric for filtering against dust, water and other particles
• Back layer: 100% quilting-weight cotton
• Adjustable and replaceable elastic ear loops

Care Instructions:
• All fabric has been pre-washed prior to sewing
• Wash before first use with soap or detergent and daily after each use
• Machine washable and tumble dryer-friendly, however, we recommend to line-dry

Disclaimer: This face mask does not provide 100% protection against viruses.

How do I get the LIMITED EDITION Batik Face Mask?

With every RM300 purchase of B&B Labs products on this website, you will get 1 Limited Edition Batik Face Mask.

Want more than just 1? Yes you can! With every multiple of RM300 of purchase, you get 1 piece for free.**

Purchase RM300 get 1 piece free.**

Purchase RM600 get 2 pieces free.**

Purchase RM900 get 3 pieces free.**

To get your mask, scroll down and click on Shop Online Now.


**Multiples of RM300 in a single purchase based on nett product purchase price.
While stocks last.

Offer valid until 30 September 2020.

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