For Professionals

In today’s ultra competitive business landscape, it is important to work with a brand that supports you all the way.  At B&B Labs, we are dedicated to bring your business to the next level with our transformational cosmeceuticals and innovative business ideas.  Traditional ways of doing business is not good enough today, so let B&B Labs work with you to grow your business exponentially.

e-Affiliate Program

Grow your business faster and wider than just within the confines of your shop. Participate in e-commerce without any startup capital instantaneously.


Excellent profit margin from both offline and online sales of our products and treatments.

Innovative Treatments

Our wide repertoire of treatment products makes it easy and interesting for you to create exciting and results-oriented services for your clients.

Exciting Products

Unique formulations and wonderful textures, our retail products will definitely impress your clients and make them come back for more.


Our aggressive marketing team tirelessly strategizes and implements effective publicity, promotional and PR activities to get you new leads and interested clients.


We believe good quality training is the bedrock of business success and this is what we promise to deliver to our business partners.

For Professionals

Testimonials from Professional Skin Experts and the difference B&B Labs has done to their business…

Ms. Esther Chong

Natural Bodyline & Facial Care, Kuala Lumpur

What made you decide to go into skin care?

I love beauty and I also like to share with others the way to maintain healthy skin. It makes me feel satisfied when someone’s skin problem is healed by me.

Why did you choose B&B Labs for your salon?

B&B Labs products gave us instant results just like its tagline “Performance First” and the price positioning is reasonable.

In your opinion, what do you think sets B&B Labs apart from other brands?

Many of the ingredients in B&B Labs products are very unique which cannot be found in other brands. And, the products are very effective.

Dr. Ong Jin Khang

The Retreat Clinic, Selangor

What made you decide to go into skin care?

In order to provide a more comprehensive offering to my clients, I decided to offer skin care treatments to complement the aesthetic treatments in my clinic.

Why did you choose B&B Labs for your clinic?

B&B Labs has a wide variety of professional treatments so this makes it easy for us to customise skin care treatments for our clients.

In your opinion, what do you think sets B&B Labs apart from other brands?

The results. Our clients are very happy with the fast and effective results they get from B&B Labs so that’s why they love it.

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