Brand DNA

We have successfully married Asian ingredients, known for centuries for their curative and transformative properties, with our proven methods to activate their cosmeceutical powers.

Inspired by our belief in the ingenuity that lies in integration, yet guided by our principles of integrity, B&B Labs rewrites the rules of skincare. Rooted in Asia, with a global perspective, we break through the ordinary to deliver sustainable results with our professional cosmeceuticals through one primary focus: Performance First!


B&B Labs pushes skincare beyond the conventional by integrating traditional modalities with the latest technology. The result is a line of skin solutions unmatched both in terms of diversity and efficacy.

We have curated the best of the best to bottle. From ingredients to treatment methods, no matter how exotic, nothing is off the map. The result of this continuing journey is a range of cosmeceuticals unsurpassed in variety, depth and breath.


We believe collaborations catapult innovation to a higher level. And by working with leading scientists, doctors and skincare professionals in Asia, B&B Labs benefits from the insights of the greatest minds in the industry.

Extracted from a variety of fruits, plants and herbs, each clinically validated active ingredient’s power is unleashed using our advanced scientific practices. Potent ingredients are masterfully combined with treatment methods of proven effectiveness to create performance-driven cosmeceuticals.

All the while, ingenuity is the one constant. From creative textures to new, evidence-based formulations, we innovate to provide visible skin results that last.


Do what is right, not what is easy. Within this philosophy lies our commitment to create cosmeceuticals that work with your skin’s physiology and not against it, giving rise to optimum skin health. These long-term benefits increase with the use of our products, empowering you to get the skin that you deserve without harming it for temporary gratification.

To fulfill the demands of our customers, we are compelled to rigorously examine the quality of our ingredients, the potency of our actives and the efficacy of our formulas, time and time again. Never do we conceal inferior quality formulations with superfluous packaging.

After all, just as wellness begins from the cells upwards, quality skincare is formed from the very fundamentals of its contents.

B&B Labs showcases cutting-edge and novel cosmeceutical skincare products of Asia, a region fast rising as a trend leader in the global skincare market.

“Forging a new paradigm in skincare is no easy task, but through our core values of integration, ingenuity and integrity, we believe that we have found the formula for the ultimate in skin wellness delivered with our promise of performance first.”

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