Beauty trend alert: Microbiome skincare

Say what now? It’s understandably difficult trying to keep up-to-date on the latest beauty trends as they change at the drop of a hat – matte lips are out! Who knew? But when it comes to skincare, thankfully, the trends move at a far slower pace. This one’s easily a decade in the making.

While last year may have seen single-ingredient products as the big thing, this year’s buzzword in skincare is ‘microbiome’. Again, understandably, unless you work in the biz or have a medical background, you likely won’t know what this means for your dressing table. Putting it in a nutshell, microbiome skincare is essentially prebiotics for your skin.


So… what’s a microbiome?

Remember how growing up we’d see those Vitagen or Yakult ads telling us that a healthy tummy meant a healthy body? Well, this is pretty much the same thing… except for your face. Yes, your skin has its own microbiome – a living, protective layer of skin on your complexion. Like your gut, your skin is home to a community of billions of friendly microorganisms. Also known as skin flora, this teeny tiny community is what’s known as the microbiome.

The skincare science

Looking after your skin’s microbiome, ensuring it’s healthy and thriving means your complexion will be healthy overall too. Microbiome science in skincare’s essentially a trend in which brands such as B&B Labs offer products that care for the microbiome itself.

It’s really the best complement to an existing routine. While your existing serums and moisturiser may help in addressing specific issues, including products directed at protecting and boosting your skin’s microbiome’s health can be likened to how you take vitamins to give your body a boost. Or yeah, drink Vitagen. When the skin’s microbiome is healthy and happy, the skin soaks up more nutrients. So, happy bacteria equals strengthened skin which equals a radiant complexion.

A healthy habit

Technically, the year’s only just started, and while we’re just establishing new good habits to carry through rest of the year (and hopefully beyond), here’s one more you can add: mask once a week!

However, skin’s not created equal. And you need skincare as unique as you are. That’s why B&B Labs created the CustoMask – the world’s first and only customisable microbiome sheet mask. Formulated with exotic clinically-tested Asian cosmeceutical ingredients, the CustoMask has a solution to every specific concern, making it an unrivalled and unique system.

First, the AI skin assessor will determine which one of 12 customised solutions is right for you – one of six diffusion masks (the sheet itself) coupled with one of five activated concentrates.

What they all do have in common, however, is Ecology Plus+. This is B&B Labs’ proprietary blend of certified advanced prebiotic ingredients – Biolin, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Mangosteen Extract, and Durian Extract. Together, they serve one simple but crucial purpose – to feed and strengthen the skin with good bacteria. So again… happy bacteria equals strengthened skin which equals a radiant complexion.

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