Beauty trend alert: Adaptogens

Known as the ‘mind readers’ of skincare, adaptogens are herbs and botanicals that boost skin immunity. While the use of herbs is by no means a new trend on the wellness scene, it’s a very new approach on the skincare scene.

Adapto-what? Adaptogens are herbs and botanicals you’ll find in any wellness product, including skincare. While the use of herbs is by no means a new trend on the wellness scene, it’s a very new approach on the skincare scene.

So, what do they do, exactly? Well, taking adaptogen supplements or teas is known to boost immune health and reduce stress. A concept not new to us Asians, as we’ve done so for millennia – as can be seen in traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic practices.

While we know full well the benefits of sipping on herbal tea or drinking herbal soups, how would these same ingredients benefit the skin? Well, first, it’s important to understand how adaptogens work.

The inner workings

Putting it simply, adaptogens does for your immunity what exercise does for your muscles. For instance, during a workout, you’re putting your muscles through ‘stress’. But in the long-run, your body adapts to it, and over time you won’t feel as tired doing the same exercise.

When adaptogens are taken internally, it gives your body what it needs to adapt to the stressors you’re faced with on the daily by regulating your body’s response. Similarly, when used topically, adaptogen ingredients act like the ‘mind readers’ of skincare, as they have the ability to ‘read’ your skin and help it accordingly.

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The best of nature

How effective adaptogens are in your skincare routine depends largely on the herb or botanical itself. At B&B Labs, because we’re an Asian brand that celebrates our region’s cultural richness and natural bounty, we used the mighty lingzhi as the key ingredient in one of our earliest serums – the B&B Labs Lingzhi Skin Repair Serum.

Known also as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’, lingzhi is venerated in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy for a wide variety of illnesses. It’s a well of goodness, featuring antioxidant, antitumor, antiviral, antimicrobial, and immunomodulatory agents. Meanwhile, the precious lingzhi’s polysaccharides are vital for skin renewal, and if that’s not enough, the mushroom has the natural ability to retain hydration. Lingzhi is also effective in calming inflammation and defending against free radical damage.

Sounds like it does just about everything but the kitchen dishes, right?

What to expect

Well, to put it simply, what our Lingzhi Skin Repair Serum does is repair no-glow skin while boosting skin immunity and restoring skin vitality. Skin-healing Lingzhi extract also suppresses melanin activation with whitening tri-peptides while fibroblast growth factor receptor regulates cell production in response to skin trauma and tissue damage.

The end result? You can watch skin literally make a rebound as scars and keloids miraculously heal thanks to rhEGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which stimulates the growth of new cells to repair the epidermis, slow down ageing, lighten pigmentation, eliminate wrinkles, and moisten skin.

Presented as a silky, dry oil serum, it absorbs quickly into the skin. B&B Labs also uses advanced nanotechnology, allowing the Lingzhi extract to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, releasing the power and energy of the ‘herb of immortality’ where it matters most. So, if you have dull or mottled skin, then the Lingzhi Skin Repair Serum is definitely the right adaptogen for you!

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