10 glow-up beauty hacks that don’t involve makeup

Ever wondered how some people just have a natural radiance about them? While, yes, if one of your girlfriends pops to mind, it’s likely their bronzer. But we’re not talking about the glow of the shimmery, glittery variety. We’re talking a natural, healthy radiance that almost shines through. The key word here is healthy. If you’d like a complexion that glows naturally, the key is in caring for it well. Here’s how:

1. Get your body movin’

Working out is essential! Besides the obvious health benefits, regular exercise improves blood flow. This means that more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to skin cells, while more waste is carried away from them. Be sure to get at least 75 minutes of intense exercise a week or two sessions of strength training.

2. Scrub-a-dub-dub

Dead skin is dull skin. Get glowing instantly by exfoliating, and be sure to do it once or twice a week. When you slough away dead skin cells that have been building up on your complexion, you’ll reveal the healthy, glowing skin beneath.

Also, steer clear of physical exfoliators; especially those with ground nutshells or microbeads that severely damage the skin and harm the environment. Instead, opt for a chemical exfoliant. They’re far more gentle and work just as well. Your best bet – our Glyco-Glow Cleanser that’s made with Glycolic Acid (a type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid) naturally derived from cane sugar.

3. Moisturise magic

This is a trick that many makeup artists use when they’re creating a natural look – they amp up the glow with a moisturiser or face oil. These products allow your skin to reflect light, while also protecting, hydrating, and nourishing it. Whatever your skin type, B&B Labs has three amazing moisturisers to choose from. Just massage it into the skin, starting from the base of the neck and all the way up to the edge of your hairline.

4. Oh, sheet!

Hate to have to break to you all, but most of the time, all a sheet mask does is offer hydration. If you’re looking for a quick glow-up, that’s fine, as moisturised skin is dewy, glowy skin. But if you want results that last, our CustoMask stands out from the pack.

Our M series of CustoMasks are made with the B3:Bright Milk Activated Concentrate that contains rich tea polyphenols extracted from green tea (an antioxidant more powerful than vitamin E) and Niacinamide that effectively reduces pigmentation. Meanwhile, milk powder delicately sloughs away dull skin on the skin surface.

5. Make small changes

It’s always the little things that count. Eat better and drink your water. It can’t be said enough that what you put IN your body will be reflected ON your skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and like all other vital organs, will be a reflection of your overall wellness.

So, have your minimum eight glasses of water, cut out the refined sugars and too-processed foods. Remember that a balanced diet is of utmost importance. Your skin’s best friend to get your glow on, however, is beta-carotenes. This red-orange pigment found in foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, and apricots can leave you looking sun-kissed naturally. Just remember to eat a rainbow (no, not Skittles).

6. Get your beauty sleep

We’ve mentioned before that sleep is important to our overall health. Hey, we even did a whole Skin School episode on beauty sleep, so we’ll keep this point short. Sleep is important to your overall wellness and also the health of your skin. Getting seven to eight hours of quality sleep a night can help you maintain a youthful glow. Do also avoid caffeine and alcohol before you hit the hay as that can disrupt your sleep cycles.

7. Make a date with your facialist

A short 90-minute visit will see your pores cleared, skin smoothed, and complexion plumped up to hydrated, glowing perfection. So, as much as you can, don’t ditch your date with your facialist. Of course, facials usually come with a massage too, and the light pinching, kneading, and rolling encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage – another way to get glowing in a jiffy!

B&B Labs is backed by skin experts and aestheticians, so we have a whole list of derms and facial therapists throughout Malaysia whom you can visit for your next spa day.

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8. Quit bad habits

As we’d mentioned, little changes do make a world of difference. Some bad habits you can stop to see a marked difference in your skin’s radiance is quitting the ciggies, reducing your alcohol intake, and touching your skin – especially now with COVID-19 cases on the rise. These are all things that inflame and/or aggravate the skin, so if you’re looking for a brighter mien, kick these habits now.

9. Brighten from within

Besides the food you consume, you can feed your skin what it needs to become brighter and healthier with the right products. In this case, a serum. Unlike moisturisers, whose molecules are larger in size and stay on the skin surface, serums are made up of smaller particles. What this means is that they travel further into the skin. Essentially, a brightening serum can, over time, illuminate your complexion from within. Try our B&B Labs Mangosteen Brightening Detox Serum on for size!

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10. Use protection

Last, but certainly not least, sunscreen. It can’t be said enough how important it is to always slap on some sun protection during the day. But this is more of a long-term means of protecting that glow-up you’ve worked so hard to attain. Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause fine lines, premature ageing, and discolouration – the very things that are the opposite of a glow-up. Keep disciplined with these pro tips and you’re sure to have a luminous and healthy complexion.

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