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How Asian skin is different

“Is Asian skin even different?” you ask. The answer is yes... and no. Confusing, we know! But first, some context—Asia...

What’s the difference between teen and adult acne?

There are plenty of things from our teen years to reminisce about. The seemingly endless time we spent with friends,...

Foods that cause acne. Is chocolate really to blame?

We’ll cut to the chase — When it comes to acne, there is a definite a link between what we...

What causes acne? All the factors that lead to a breakout

If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re familiar with acne, and are here to figure out why those pesky, painful...

The best 3 things you can do to get better skin, according to this top facialist

If you’ve found yourself struggling to get your skin out of a rut, you need to meet Esther Chong. Based...

How skipping sugar can save your skin

The latest research shows that obesity, diabetes and heart disease can be attributed to too much sugar, but did you...